We thought a few pictures to guide you along in finishing your Saturday Sampler quilt would be helpful. This is to help you finish the vines on your Pumpkins in a Row.

These photos start with #6 of your paper instructions you received with your kit.

#6 Prepare your vines for applique. Spray the bias strip you have in your kit with starch and press it.

Cut your strip in half so you have 2 strips that are 5/8″ wide.

#7 Starch your strips again and press them well. your strips press better if you apply the starch liberally (which is why you starch them twice)

Run your strips through a bias tape maker.

BIAS TAPE TIPS: As you run your strips through the bias tape maker, get your iron really close to the folded fabric as it comes out of the tape maker.

You can even make it curve a little as it comes out by turning the bias tape maker as the fabric comes out.

Also, stretch the bias as it comes out so it remains skinny. You don’t want your vines to plump up any thicker than 1/4″.

And more pictures of Amy in the process:

Hopefully that helps. Although Amy always has a way of making things look easy…

Saturday Sampler: A little help with those vines…

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  • July 27, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Thanks Amy, this is very helpful for those of us who have not made bias before. Love the tutorials you all provide.

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