GIVEAWAY: March Free-day the 13th!

March. I can’t really believe it, but I DO love that spring is peeking its head out. Maybe we will survive this winter after all!

This month’s giveaway winner will receive 4 lovely fat quarters:

ENTRY #1: All you have to do to enter is answer this question:

What is your favorite stitch on your sewing machine (besides straight stitch!)?

ENTRY #2: If you like us on Facebook please let us know by leaving a SEPARATE comment that says “Facebook fan” and you will get another entry in the giveaway!

ENTRY #3: If you have taken a class at American Quilting leave another comment saying “AQ class” for another entry!

We love all our loyal customers and say Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!

Especially loyal customers who use our class calendar as a daily planner:


Such a great picture!


Giveaway will close March 16th at midnight so get those entries in! Must live in the USA to enter.

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40 Responses to GIVEAWAY: March Free-day the 13th!

  1. Jodie Banks says:

    My favorite stitch besides straight is my good ole zig zag!

  2. Jodie Banks says:

    I am a Facebook Fan!

  3. Jodie Banks says:

    I am taking the scrap basket class on Monday!

  4. Mavis Meyer says:

    I’ve always loved my triple zigzag for mending but since I do mostly quilting the past few years I’ll say the blanket stitch.

  5. Karen Willis says:

    I love the blanket stitch!

  6. Mavis Meyer says:

    Facebook Fan

  7. Mavis Meyer says:

    AQ Class

  8. Vicky P says:

    I love to use the blanket stitch on the machine to do some applique.

  9. Vicky P says:

    I am currently taking 2 classes at American Quilting.

  10. Rachell R says:

    My favorite stitch on my Bernina is the honeycomb. It works great for decoration, but I use it most often for mending. Patches, reinforcing, hems, darning even.

    Thank you!

  11. Rachell R says:

    Facebook fan!

  12. Valerie Payne says:

    Facebook Fan.

  13. Valerie Payne says:

    AQ Class. Wish I had time to take all your classes!

  14. Rachel Phillipps says:

    I know it’s kinda boring, but my second favorite stitch is the zig-zag.

  15. Rachel Phillipps says:

    Facebook fan!

  16. My favourite stitch beside straight is blanket stitch. Thanks for the chance to win your give away!! Love the fabric!

  17. Valerie Payne says:

    Zig Zag.

  18. Becca B. says:

    I don’t really use any stitches besides a straight stitch and a zig zag…but I definitely prefer the straight. I know, that doesn’t really answer the question…

  19. Becca B. says:

    I follow on facebook!

  20. Becca B. says:

    AQ class. I took the wool applique and the advent calendar classes last summer. :-)

  21. Myra says:

    I love the scalloped embroidery stitch. So pretty!

  22. Myra says:

    And I have taken a class at your wonderful store!

  23. Kay Garlick says:

    I like the blanket stitch.

  24. Wendi Giles says:

    Facebook fan

  25. Donna says:

    I love all the decorative stitches on my machine. Would love the fat quarters.

  26. Sandy Thornock says:

    Facebook fan!

  27. Sandy Thornock says:

    AQ class!

  28. Sandy Thornock says:

    I love my blanket stitch! Just got a new machine in October and am still learning about it. But so far, the blanket stitch!

  29. Helen W. Fernandez says:

    My favorite stitch is the Zig Zag stitch.

  30. admin says:

    Blind hem stitch.

  31. Dixie says:

    Facebook fan too!

  32. stephanie phelps says:

    Blanket stitch…and learning how to machine quilt:)

  33. stephanie phelps says:

    AQ classes!

  34. Shelli spotts says:

    Zig Zag stitch.

  35. Shelli spotts says:

    AQ class.

  36. Shelli spotts says:

    Facebook Fan.

  37. jerusha beckstead says:

    My favorite stitch would be blanket stitch.

  38. jerusha beckstead says:

    Facebook fan.

  39. jerusha beckstead says:

    AQ class.

  40. Janice says:

    I have a embroidery stitch I love to use. It’s little hearts in a row.

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