We’re BACK!!

You may have noticed a lack of posting around here! The blog was having technical difficulties which meant NO UPDATES! I am SO happy to say that things are back up and running! Yahoo!!

Another great news? I finished my quilt for my new baby boy, Cyrus! It is the perfect size for cuddling him on the couch. And guess what? We have kits available in the store for this fun quilt!



It’s good to be back.

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4 Responses to We’re BACK!!

  1. sharon says:

    Actually the kits are gone. 😉

  2. MarciaM says:

    I know this is an old post, but I can’t find any info on this wonderful quilt… is there a pattern? A tutorial? Would love some help! Thanks Much!

    • admin says:

      I don’t know much information about this quilt, other than I think this pattern is a Herringbone pattern! Hope that helps!

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