Hey everyone,
It’s Amy from AQ. There have been lots of concerns about Saturday Sampler, so here are some answers for you. . .
#1- On the blue background . . .
Before you cut it, measure the selvage. make sure it measures 10″ or pretty close to that. You only need the selvage to measure the height of your house, so if it measures 9 1/2″ and your house is 9 1/2″ then it will work.
Many of you are cutting the measurements that are toward the right side of the illustration incorrectly so I am enclosing another map for you – the cutting assignment is the same, I have just reversed the numbers so mistakes are not as easy.
Just a little tip- Whenever measurements are put in writing, the smallest number always is listed first. In quilting that does not necessarily mean that you cut that measurement first. You have to look at your fabric and see the best possible use of the fabric before cutting. Note that the measurements above your cutting illustration are the length of the cuts you will make.
Your piece should be 10″ tall. If it is close, you will be okay!  The total inches needed from selvage to selvage is 43″. You should have this – leave the selvage on the 9” x 10” piece if you need to. Your fabric is 44” wide. You should have enough. This illustration is not drawn to scale. Pay attention to the measurements and you should be fine.

We will be trimming this in the future!
#2- The house measurements. many of you are stressing over how tall or how wide your house is. I give you measurements based on how mine turned out. If your house is 1/4″ snorter than mine, it will be okay! Don’t over think this. It is definitely okay if your house is only 9 1/4″ tall! My house is actually probably closer to 9 3/8″ than 9 1/2″.
I used a quilters quarter inch seam allowance. This is the standard which is just one thread less than a quarter.
#3- Dont stress over the 3 3/8″ measurement on the top of the roof. This is what mine measured, but maybe you got your angle a little bit different than mine. I might have measured on the long side of 1 1/2″ and you might have measured on the short side of 1 1/2″. Just fold your roof in half and make sure the angles match each other.
You can make your chimneys fit your roof. You simply adjust the piece of blue background that is sewn between the two chimneys. you can trim it a bit narrower or re-cut it a bit wider to fit your own roof!
As always, you know that your house will not be exactly like someone elses. Try your best to get it close to my measurements, but have confidence knowing that we will trim this down a little in the future.
Have fun.  Look at all you are learning (and me too). You are doing advanced things and should be super proud of yourself!
Saturday Sampler Clarifications

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  • February 18, 2014 at 10:05 am

    I just made my February block this weekend. The roof does measure 3 3/8″ after the blue side pieces are sewn on. When it is just the roof piece, the bottom is 6 7/8″ and the top is 3 7/8″. 6 7/8″ minus 1 1/2″ on the left top corner and 1 1/2″ on the right top corner equals 3 inches cut off. Then the 1/4″ seams on both sides leaves the top of the roof measurement 3 3/8″. Cute house. Thanks Amy!

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