June Saturday Sampler & Corrections

It’s here! The last month of Saturday Sampler! I always love the reveal, finding out what all our hard work throughout the year will look like when we put it all together. I love the result this year!

photo (72) photo (73) photo (74)


Here are some pictures to help you through the finishing steps:


Center Section Step 5

photo (65)


Center Section Step 6



photo (67)


Borders Step 5


photo (66)

Borders Step 6

photo (68)

Borders Step 7

photo (69)

Borders Step 7 (Second Part)

photo (70)

Borders Step 8

photo (71)



1. In case you didn’t get a correction sticker on your kit, here is the information:
On page 2, left column, step #7, it should say, trim each strip to measure 3″ wide—not 2 1/2″

2. It has come to our attention that we shorted you a block from July of 2013, our 1st month. This is the Floating Square block. We gave you enough to make 11 squares and you will need 12. Here are your options: either get into your stash and make one more block OR call us/come in and we will happily give you the fabric for one more block.

Happy quilting everyone!

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2 Responses to June Saturday Sampler & Corrections

  1. Kristen Brenneman says:

    I’m in the Saturday Sampler. I haven’t receiving the emails on changes. Could you make sure I’m still on there.


  2. Deonn says:

    Oh, this is soooo adorable!! I love how it is finished. And her label is perfect!

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