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2022 Mystery Saturday Sampler Class Progress Pictures

Welcome to the fun sew along for the Mystery Saturday Sampler from 2021 - 2022.  Make sure you are keeping up with your block making so you can easily assemble your beautiful quilt at the end!

Each month you can check back on the blog to get our updated images for this fun sew along!


July 2021 Blocks:

July Blocks 9 Churn Dash Blocks

July Old School House Block

Do you need extra help with paper piecing? Come in for our class with Leslie, or check out a quick YouTube video here!


August 2021 Blocks:

August Saturday Sampler


September 2021 Blocks:

September Mystery Saturday Sampler Blocks


October 2021 Blocks:

October Saturday Sampler Blocks


November 2021 Blocks:

November Saturday Sampler Blocks


December 2021 Blocks:

December Saturday Sampler Hexi Flower Block

January 2022 Blocks:

January Saturday Sampler Blocks

Here's a little clarification for the Beach Houses block.
After you have sewn 2 rows of 3 houses, trim each row to 6" tall being careful to trim the bottom of the row not the roofs.  If you trim the top be sure to keep a 1/4" past the point.
From there continue as directed in the pattern, sew the 1 1/2" x 12 1/2" white strip between the two rows. Press to the strip. Block measures 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


February 2022 Blocks:

February Mystery Saturday Sampler Blocks


March 2022 Blocks:

March 2022 Saturday Sampler Blocks


April 2022 Blocks:

April Mystery Saturday Sampler Blocks

May 2022 Block:

May Saturday Sampler Block

Final Quilt Reveal: 

Mystery Saturday Sampler Finished Quilt 2022

Mystery Saturday Sampler 2022 Finish
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